Scope 1
Scope 2
Scope 3
Estimate 1 Shingle Roof
Estimate 2 Tile Roof
Estimate 3 Water Damage to Textured Ceiling
Estimate 4 Damage to Mobilehome
Estimate 5 Damage to Mobilehome
You can download the Estimate Samples below (created with Xactimate) and use them to understand how an estimate is written and all the elements involved (including organization of rooms etc). Start with photos and then review room by room each of the line items to get the big picture. You should look at all examples before you get ready to write your own training estimates based on our Training Scopes (see below), as they contain a variety of typical damages that you will find out in the field,

Instructions: Download the scope, create an estimate based off the scope with the same name as the SCOPE#. Submit the completed estimate back to

Tips: Don't forget the hotkeys F9 to make text notes and F2 to search for the correct Category codes (Building Trade) and Selector Codes (line items). Also use the help section of Xactimate freely. To order your free sample disc of Xactimate visit
Estimate Samples (Xactimate)
Training Scopes
Other Training Documents
Carpet Primer
NFIP Adjusters Manual   9mb pdf file
Value of Good Claim File Notes
Roofing Guidelines Xactimate
Drywall Guidelines Xactimate
Policy Page
How to upload an attachment to Xactnet (jpg or pdf)
Tips on drawing roofs in Sketch